September Blogroll: Globetrotting Nerd Edition

Dear readers:

I write this blogroll well in advance, as by the time you see this, I will be in the throes of the most wonderful jet-lag—having bounced from Montréal to London to Oregon in a very short span, landing smack dab in the first week of classes. As this post then suggests, planning ahead has always been my secret weapon to travelling for academic purposes. This has become true both to ensure I can be genuinely productive while travelling, as well as budget-conscious. I am fortunate to be at an institution that offers some reimbursement for academic travel, but as we all know, that rarely covers all you’ll need. While I may draft future posts with greater detail on some of the specific topics that follow, for this I’ll discuss three broad categories:

  1. how to schedule travel efficiently,
  2. how to manage technology necessities, and
  3. what you actually need to bring on academic travel.

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