Round-up of 2018

Here is a purr of fortune’s, sir, or of fortune’s 
cat — but not a musk-cat — that has fallen into the 
unclean fishpond of her displeasure, and, as he 
says, is muddied withal: pray you, sir, use the 
carp as you may; for he looks like a poor, decayed, 
ingenious, foolish, rascally knave. I do pity his 
distress in my similes of comfort and leave him to 
your lordship.

— Clown, All’s Well That Ends Well

It has truly been a fortunate year. From my brother’s wedding to a brilliant research trip tp the Huntington Library, not to mention a relatively dry and warm fall and winter in Portland, I am sure I’m at the zenith of Fortune’s Wheel, and so steady myself for rougher waters ahead. In reflection on a great deal of good news and satisfying work, this post cobbles together a few year-end notes.

Just a few of my favorite things I saw this year, including Everybody and Magellanica (Artists Repertory Theatre); Henry V, Romeo & Juliet, and Snow in Midsummer (Oregon Shakespeare Festival); Strangest Yellow (Fertile Ground Festival); Wakey Wakey (Portland Playhouse); Uncle Vanya (PETE); Macbeth (Shaking the Tree); Silent Sky (Pacific University); and She is Fierce (Enso Theatre).
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December Blogroll: Hooked on Art History

Over the holidays, I’ve been trying to keep to a regular writing schedule. It helps to have a partner who is a full-time writer by trade. They never balk when you ask for “Moratorium Mornings”: a prohibition on any interaction for the first two hours of the day in order to write, then indulge in breakfast and other things.

For good behavior, a reward seems only fair. I become rather addicted to the group of art history reality television shows available via the BBC, YouTube, and Vimeo. They all deal with the visual world of the Renaissance in different ways. More interesting to me are the debates the crop up between expert interpretation (“connoisseurship”) and what the scientific and archival evidence actually makes available.

That, and I kind of adore everything about Amber Butchart.

Amber Butchart in the Charles II suit recreation, A Stitch in Time.
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