On Social Media: Macbeth

This summer, I have had the great good fortune to contribute to Ian Doescher‘s community reading initiative, the Shakespeare 2020 Project. A website and Facebook group support members of the public with free editions and resources as they read through the complete works over the course of the year. In August, I offered the second of two informal video introductions for Macbeth, available via YouTube.

As a bonus, I seemed to time things correctly that you can watch the sun set and room darken behind me over the course of the video – just as the world gradually darkens in the play! Read the full transcript below.

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Dudamel’s “Otello” at the Hollywood Bowl

Admittedly, I am a bit out of practice reviewing here on the blog. My writing energies have been elsewhere, and you can see some recent things now available and forthcoming from Shakespeare Bulletin and others. Being no expert in the adaptive nuances of Shakespeare and opera, some thoughts about Gustavo Dudamel‘s one-night performance of Otello with the LA Philharmonic seemed a good fit to jump back in to blogging. (I suspect there are special issues out there on just this topic; I more than welcome any recommendations you have! The LA Times offers a detailed expert review here.) My first career was as a classical musician, so I couldn’t miss the chance to catch the rockstar of conducting ply his hand at what is widely considered Verdi’s most moving consideration of Shakespeare.

Verdi’s “Otello,” conducted by Gustavo Dudamel and performed by the LA Philharmonic. Hollywood Bowl, July 2018.

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