WIL Festival 2.2: “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”

2017 has been the summer of “Caesar.” It is one of the two new plays that OPS Fest has introduced into their repertoire. It is also playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival down in Ashland. The director of that production, in a talk-back in February, stated that she doesn’t know why there are acts four and five (read: anything after the murder of Caesar). That is a common misconception if you think the play is an autobiographical account rather than considering what is tragic about the quality of a major political figure’s death. The title is, after all, “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” and not “The History of Julius Caesar.” Hence the on-going problems with the Public’s production of this play in New York, as company member Hailey Bachrach discusses here. What does OPS Fest offer to the spectrum of “Caesars” out there this summer?

From left: Beth Yocam (Brutus), Isabella Buckner (Cassius), Sullivan Mackintosh (Cymber), Brian Allard (Caesar), Lauren Saville (Decius Brutus), Shani Harris-Bagwell (Lepidus), David Bellis-Squires (Dardanius), and Michael Streeter (Soothsayer).

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Back Room Shakespeare Project review out now

Dear readers,

I just wanted to mention very quickly that I have another review out now in the latest issue of Shakespeare Bulletin. It takes a look at last year’s production of Julius Caesar by the Back Room Shakespeare Project (BRSP) on the Ides of March. You’ll need access to Project Muse to read them, or you can order the print journal online:

Julius Caesar (review).” Shakespeare Bulletin 32, no. 4 (Winter 2015): 756-60. Project Muse. Web. doi: 10.1353/shb.2014.0058.

Relatedly, two things. First, you can always find a record of my ongoing research projects and teaching over at my professional website, elizabethetavares.com. Second, this may be but the first of more new projects in affiliation with the BRSP folks. 2015 is already shaping up to be a great year!

Happy reading!

For a gallery of photos from this performance, click here. Below, a few samplings.

Julius Caesar (Victoria Blade), Brutus (Demetrius Troy), and Antony (Matt Mueller) receive the fateful warning from a Soothsayer (Kevin Crowley).