‘Membering; or, strategies for book revisions

Back in early 2018, I composed a series of blog posts about researching the publishing process, targeting series, oft-circulated myths, and, in five parts, how to fund it. I am now two-thirds through my own revision process before final submission, having just finished those elements for which content existed. The introduction and afterword remain. It seemed an appropriate moment to reflect on what exactly the revision process looks like—a nuts-and-bolts query I have found it difficult to pin down those who do have books about.

In the vein of my previous reflection on the first-book process, in this post I write on the tactics that have made up my repertoire of revising my thesis into a book: to collate, section, and cut-and-paste; to polish page-by-page; to rely on surefooted tools Scrivener and Zotero; and to track. Of course everyone’s processes are different, and different kinds of projects also necessitate unique approaches.

For me, in the heat of it, revising is an act of dismembering and remembering.

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June Blogroll: Subvention Edition

Dear readers,

This month, I continue to reflect on the academic book proposal process. In previous posts, I provided a bibliography of all the advice out there on this process, how to identify a book series as a means of narrowing your target lists, and evaluated some of the myths in circulation about book proposing. Now that I have my book under advance contract, I wanted to share some of the funding options available for the writing process itself.

There are two kinds of grants your might pursue while in the writing process. The first are fellowships or stipends to fund your time to write if you don’t have the option of pre-tenure sabbatical. (Full disclosure: I don’t.) The second is a newer beast, the subvention: grants to help cover costs of the material book production process.

Scene from my bookshop safe space, Powell’s City of Books.

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