April Blogroll: Blogroll Edition

Dear readers,

I realized lately when doing some maintenance to this blog that my monthly blogroll series hasn’t exactly colored in the lines that I first drew for it. It has in so far as these are lists of things I like on a theme, but rarely have they been actual blogs. I did a Tumblr edition and a Foodie edition, but of the nineteen I’ve done thus far, that has been it. It seems relevant considering that I am on a train to Austin for the first inaugural Blackfriars X Southwest conference that I give you a true list of blogs by academics working on early modern English literature and culture.

The following are not blogs per se, but they are lovely examples of how to do a professional portfolio in the field:

While some of the blogs included in here are not necessarily early modern, I would very much like to continue to add to this list of compelling ways to curate an online presence for scholars. Please do send any you find my way!