WhatsApp and Hand-Tats: My Brief History with Writing Groups

I gave the following talk as part of the 18th Annual Pacific Authors Celebration on 13 April 2017. It was hosted by the Pacific University Libraries and presented alongside an exhibit in the Forest Grove Library Gallery.

Thank you all for coming today. I want to share some brief words with you about WhatsApp, hand tattoos, and how my writing has been positively affected by collaborating with others. This will be in three parts.

Shakespeare, the Rubber Stamp

Collaboration is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name, “Shakespeare”—the proverbial rubber stamp for “high art” and “literary genius.” I guess that makes me not a very good Shakespearean. My scholarship is interested in the collaborative work of theatre-makers in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England—the period when typecasting was a good thing because it meant that, as an actor, you could hold twenty variations of the same kind of character in your head at a time, and, as a playwright, you specialized in writing kinds of scenes rather than whole plays alone. Based on the evidence of three staged readings in the late 1500s, I really hope this all happened at a bar.

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Meeting in Atlanta: #ShakeAss17


Dear readers,

I realized, looking at previous posts leading up to the Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America—fondly referred to by those in the field as #ShakeAss—that I had forgot to post in advance of the meeting in New Orleans last year. That may well have been because it was one of my most busy and favorites. There were parades celebrating 400 years after Shakespeare’s death, many Pimm’s Cups in tucked-away bars with dear friends, a great deal of oysters, and a publication solicitation! This is not to mention a great seminar session, “Before Shakespeare,” hosted by Andy Kesson and Lucy Munro in advance of their Before Shakespeare initiative. There was simply no time to blog in all the excitement!

This year looks to be equally stimulating and equally busy, with more lunch, coffee, and dinners scheduled than I can remember. Below are the workshops, seminars, and sessions I am most interested in this year. Many overlap, so there will be difficult decisions. For the full program schedule, check out the association’s website, here.

I will be live-tweeting panels as I get to them via @ElizETavares, per usual. Do feel free to DM a question you’d like asked in any of the Q&A sessions!

Hoping to see you in Atlanta,

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