Fresh Eyes on Artists Rep’s “Magellanica”

Dear all,

I’m back at it again this winter as a “Fresh Eye” for Artist Repertory Theatre’s world premiere of the binge-worthy Magellanica. All the better, I get to share this experience with my partner-in-crime, Matthew Minicucci, who is bringing a poet’s eyes to the rehearsal process. Here’s the theatre’s synopsis:

In 1986, scientists and engineers from around the world converge at the South Pole Research Station to figure out, among other things, if there really is a hole in the sky. In the darkest, coldest, most dangerous place on Earth, eight imperfect souls are trapped together. Utterly isolated from the outside world for eight and a half months, this research team must face life or death challenges, their own inner demons and depend upon each other for survival.

With epic scope in the tradition of The Kentucky Cycle or Angels in America, this play takes its inspiration from the true story of the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer at the height of the Cold War. Part historical adventure, love story and mystical foray into the unknown, it’s about a world that can either tear apart or come together for its own survival. It’s a vital story for today and an extraordinary excursion for audiences to the ends of the Earth.

I would argue that rather in the vein of Angels in America, this show tracks with the much hipper and more recent trend for “binge” or event theatre productions. One of my favorite productions I’ve attended in recent memory was All Our Tragic, an adaptation of all the surviving Greek dramas into one all-day event. (I wrote about it here.) Likewise, this past October Portland enjoyed its “second season” of Nesting, a four part-play you could see in either two or all four installments. It is a kind of theatrical experience where you have to give yourself up to time and let in consume your interior world. It isn’t an everyday-kind-of-theatre, but it is one I happily give over to on occasion.

I’ll be keeping a running list here of the posts as they are published over the next eight weeks. Do stop by regularly to see what’s new through the end of January.

  1. Eight Voices in a Snow Globe (7 Dec 2017)
  2. Four Bear Stories on an Island (21 Dec 2017)
  3. forthcoming

¶ I can’t thank Luan Schooler enough for letting me have another go, as well as the production team who have been so incredibly welcoming and forthcoming with any questions that I had. Magellanica runs January 20 through 18 February. There are only 16 trips scheduled, so grab your tickets here while they last!

¶ Cheers!

“Feast here awhile”: Shakespeare for a Portland Autumn

Dear readers:

According to American Theatre magazine, “Shakespeare remains the most-produced playwright in the country, with 108 productions (including various adaptations). And this year his most-produced play will be Twelfth Night with 9 productions.” In fact, Shakespeare in Love was the most produced play of the year, with 15 full-scale professional productions nation-wide. This does not take into account all of the Shakespeare-ish works making the rounds to be excited for, including the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (Abridged) and Emma Whipday’s Shakespeare’s Sister. If you are in the Portland area this fall, there are a couple of exciting productions to keep your eyes peeled for.

Pericles Wet

This December, Portland Shakespeare Project will be producing a full-scale run of my colleague, Ellen Margolis’ adaptation of Pericles, Prince of Tyre. Based on the act printed in a recent issue of Proscenium and a reading I saw last year, this is likely to prove special. This re-magining refocuses on the assault of Princess Hesperides and the framing device of Gower.

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