New web post with #shakes400chi

Dear readers,

Over the past week I have been in Louisville, Kentucky, grading AP Literature exams. Just before I dashed off for this epic bout of grading, I had a web post published with City Desk 400: Scholars from 10 Universities Share Their Perspectives. The site is a part of the #shakes400chi initiative, a year-long celebration of Shakespeare and theatre sponsored by the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. They are bringing in a great number of international productions, lectures, and other events elucidating the breadth of responses to and range of engagement with the plays we associate with William Shakespeare.

My post, “Malvolio’s Revenge; Or, Disabusing the Audience,” went live earlier this week, and I hope you’ll check it out. It featured the one-man act of Tim Crouch, whose Twitter persona said of the review:

More publications are on the horizon this summer. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the show!