April Blogroll: Blogroll Edition

Dear readers,

I realized lately when doing some maintenance to this blog that my monthly blogroll series hasn’t exactly colored in the lines that I first drew for it. It has in so far as these are lists of things I like on a theme, but rarely have they been actual blogs. I did a Tumblr edition and a Foodie edition, but of the nineteen I’ve done thus far, that has been it. It seems relevant considering that I am on a train to Austin for the first inaugural Blackfriars X Southwest conference that I give you a true list of blogs by academics working on early modern English literature and culture.

The following are not blogs per se, but they are lovely examples of how to do a professional portfolio in the field:

While some of the blogs included in here are not necessarily early modern, I would very much like to continue to add to this list of compelling ways to curate an online presence for scholars. Please do send any you find my way!


January Blogroll: The Great MLA Migration Edition

Dear readers,

I write from the San Francisco airport, the second of three legs of my trip from Hawai’i to Austin from the annual meeting of the Modern Languages Association (MLA). With nearly a thousand different panels and presentations to choose from, here is my personal list of talks I want to grab between meetings with colleagues and job interviews. (Speaking of: if you are interested in the latest numbers on tenure-track hiring in the humanities, check out the MLA’s report of last year’s numbers, out last week, here.) I plan to be blogging panels I end up attending using the conference hashtag #mla16 at @ElizETavares.

Hope to see some of you there!

Literature and Its Publics: Past, Present, and Future

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