The #OthellosCrane Project: Storify

Dear readers,

I’ve just completed a Twitter play with a group of first-year seminar students here at Pacific University, and it has been an amazing experience. I am planning on writing about it in more detail in the future–and perhaps presenting on it at the upcoming Oregon Technology in Education Network (OTEN) conference. For now, I wanted to provide a brief overview of the performance that has just wrapped today and a link to the Storify so you can catch up for yourselves with our 747-tweet play.

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Blackfriars Playhouse: “Much Ado About Nothing”

On the boards this last night of the Blackfriars Conference was “Much Ado About Nothing.” Going in I had to remind myself that I had “Much Ado” saturation. It happened a few years ago with “Hamlet,” too. You see so many versions of the same play in a short period of time—on campus in March, multiple OPS Fest performances in July, in Montreal and in London as recently as August—that it is hard to both not get a bit bored and a bit critical. And yet.

Sometimes simple is best. A brilliant view helps.

The pertinent seat assignment on my conference name tag.

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