November Blogroll: Birds-of-a-Feather Edition

From a summer 2014 exhibit at the Ashmolean.

Dear readers,

This month, a list of some of my favorite Twitter users (mostly) related to early modern English studies. Of the serious nature, these include @roaringgirle (Claire Bourne), an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, who is currently on a research fellowship with the Folger and so is regularly posting images and reflections on the archival research process there. She’s also quick with a resource or recommendation, as is @wynkenhimself (Sarah Werner), the digital tools and media coordinator for the Folger. Both are very active conference twitters, so if you can’t make it to #ShakeAss15 this year in Vancouver, they will likely be a ideal feeds to follow. If you are looking for the scoop on the early modern research scene across the pond at Oxbridge, the ever-funny @earlymodernjohn (John Gallagher) is your guy.

Twitter seems to work best for me when I can add some fun to my work-related feeds. Better than #TBT or #FF feeds are #WoodcutWednesday and #ShakespeareSunday, the later with a surprisingly large participation rate week-to-week perhaps because of the early morning proposed theme. Better yet is the bricolage poem generator @pentametron, who builds a sonnet throughout the course of the day, every day, by retweeting pre-exiting posts in iambic pentameter (akin to For consistent laughs, @KngHnryVIII and @selfawareroomba. Happy November, all!


Happy clicking!

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