Funding Research & Writing in Renaissance Drama, Vol. 1

A Blogroll in Five Acts

Part of the experience of being an early-career researcher includes learning how to transition from graduate student to scholar and peer. While much of the advice about this transition centers around issues of self-presentation, these blogrolls will focus on the changes in how one funds the work. Some of us are lucky to have monetary support from within our home institutions or live in states or provinces with government sponsorships for the Humanities, while others less so. In this five-part series, I list the current funding sources available for scholars of Renaissance literature—with a focus on early modern drama—divided into relative period of a “typical” career trajectory.

First, funding opportunities for graduate (US) or postdoctoral (UK) students.

Writing Prizes

Conference Awards

Research & Travel Awards

This is envisioned as a series that will ultimately end up as a stable annotated bibliography on a web page of its own. So please, if you know of or have yourself won any awards, fellowships, grants or others kinds of support for your research and writing net yet listed here, do let me know and I’ll add them.

  • Vol. 2: general travel, conference, and research grants, including library fellowships
  • Vol. 3: essay prizes and awards for conference papers, bias toward ECRs
  • Vol. 4: monograph research and publishing subventions
  • Vol. 5: monograph prizes
The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.

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