Two new reviews out today with Shakespeare Bulletin

Hi, all.

Rather than posting a review, I am linking to some recent formal and informal reviews of mine that have gone up on the web in the last month. First, a pair on productions by the Shakespeare Project of Chicago’s most recent season for Shakespeare Bulletin. I have published with them in the past on The Comedy of Errors, and also have an upcoming review of a dinner theatre staging of Mankind, the medieval morality play due in the fall issue. You’ll need access to Project Muse to read them, or you can order the print journal online:

On a more personal note, I’ve been contributing to a close friend’s music blog called Daijams (which is Hawaiian slang for ‘the jams’), along with a few others. She’s a copyeditor in Chicago, and we’ve been attending the Lollapalooza summer festival for a half dozen years or so. While the blog reviews acts coming through the midwest, it is currently focusing on due at the festival. See my most recent posting on Brick + Mortar here.

Hoping your Monday is off to as good a start as mine,

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